MDSL Phoenix Offices

Location: Downtown Phoenix
Completion: February, 2018
Square Footage: 25,000

Senior Designers: Macall Lorio and Sophia Pappas
Scope: Site Analysis, Interior Design, Procurement

When we first met with the CFO of MDSL, the company was entering into a corporate merger, which meant rapid growth for the firm. The merger necessitated a move from their dated, cubicle-ridden environment into a new, fresh space filled with windows and light. The company chose wisely. Located on 16th Street and Missouri, the space features expansive views of Camelback Mountain, and places MDSL in the heart of a bustling urban area.

MDSL was ready to rebrand their business, so it was an opportune time to use their space to help accomplish the a shift in their branding. We turned to their new logo for inspiration. The MDSL logo incorporates 4 vertical circles in primary colors, which ended up serving as a great launching point in imagining their interiors. We adjusted the primary color palette to play off of the original red, yellow, green, and blue in a fresh new way. We also incorporated each of the colors throughout the space, but with a twist.

We also found some fun and interesting ways to bring in the circles.

We used a great wall covering that resembles a circular dissection of a tree. It is natural but modern at the same time. We also repeated the circles as penny tiles in the kitchen backsplash, small circles in the backs of the yellow pantry chairs, and great circular, metal planters, which we hung in a few places throughout the office and filled with faux cacti and succulents.

When you spend time in MDSL’s new space, you are reminded of their new branding in numerous, subtle ways.


Macall Lorio and Sophia Pappas

Senior Designers
Phoenix AZ office design
Phoenix AZ commercial interior design
Phoenix AZ commercial office design for startups

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Phoenix AZ commercial interior design for MDSL


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