This downtown Austin space is one of our favorite projects to date! The beautiful windows offer extraordinary views of the city that automatically give the space an urban feel. We played off of that backdrop to create an interior that complements the environs and doesn’t distract from them.

Sleek furniture in greys and blacks create modern, open lounge areas. Pops of Indeed’s signature blue and orange can be seen very subtly throughout the office. As is the custom in Indeed’s offices, open benching is broken up by comfortable lounge furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Whether employees want a casual group meeting, a semi-private retreat from their desk, or a phone booth for an important call, all of their needs have been stylishly met.

The office manager here is a former football player, and wanted to incorporate the sport into the theme of the office. We had Wilson make custom footballs with the Indeed logo to spread throughout the space. Everyone loved them from day one, and you often see employees playing catch throughout the work day. Each conference room was named after a college football team, and their logos are referenced in the wall coverings.

Trisha Gardner

Downtown Austin


■ February, 2017

■ 40,000

■ Office

■ Site Analysis
■ Interior Design
■ Procurement

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