Indeed’s space at Champion Office Park is the company’s largest office, as well as its headquarters.

Located in Austin, Texas, where the company first began, the new CEO and CMO had a modern vision for the design of the new 200,000 square foot campus. Located in the hill country outside of the city, floor to ceiling windows encompass 360 degree views that command attention to the rich greenery of the surrounding area. To keep the focus on the natural surroundings, the interior finishes and furniture were kept clean and simple, with quiet pops of Indeed’s colors of saturated orange and blue.

Indeed has followed the trend of open benching, but they also incorporate unique hexagonal desks for their engineers. The “Hexes” allow them to work more closely in teams and create privacy while also breaking up the massive square footage to create a more unique floor plan.

Within the workstations, we laid out what we call ‘breakout lounge seating’ areas, where employees can leave their desks for a more comfortable area to relax or simply change their perspective. It was important to diversify these breakout areas so that they were unique, giving employees a variety of interesting options and furniture styles. We kept them cohesive by repeating fabrics for a common thread throughout.

The furniture’s lines, and the fabric choices, were based on the interior architecture and finishes. Speckled grey concrete flooring is flanked by an ombre of grey striped carpeting. White geometric tiled walls are used to accent primary locations such as the elevator lobbies. A black architectural soffit outlines the walkway around the core of the office.

We picked up these tones in the furniture fabrics, lines and legs/bases. Every detail was analyzed so that the viewer would have a visually harmonious experience. The company’s Pantone colors are popped in the Arper chairs located strategically throughout the seating areas. Patterned colorful pillows and accessories add additional color and warmth to the space. By consolidating the color to one furniture item we relieved any chaos that might be created with such vibrant colors.

When you walk through Champions, you can’t help but feel respect for the perfect balance of technology, nature, and the focus on employee experience. It’s a true modern oasis in the hills of Austin.


Champion Office Park
Austin, Texas


■ January, 2016

■ 125,000

■ Office

■ Site Analysis
■ Interior Design
■ Procurement

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