Located in the heart of midtown, the Hippodrome Building is home to Indeed’s New York City offices. This modern 1950s-era office building sits on the site once occupied by what was, in the ‘20s & ’30s, billed as “the world’s largest theatre.” With such a rich and varied history, Indeed’s new offices called out for a taste of vintage design, combined with contemporary, sophisticated silhouettes.

EdgeQuarters’ vision for the space, was to create a palette of textures and warmth. Bringing in plaids, wools, leather, and wood gave the space the contrast it needed to become a workplace oasis in the middle of Manhattan.

Inspired by masculine textiles and old school New York cafés, the EdgeQuarters team used thoughtful design that encompasses both vintage lounges and high tech office amenities. We worked with Indeed to make sure all of the details of their workflow were considered. Each conference room, lounge space, and phone booth was designed with the utmost attention to detail. We made sure every piece of furniture fulfilled the client’s functional needs, while keeping the original aesthetics of the space intact.

Were you to walk through the offices, you’d see Indeed’s staff enjoying the lounge spaces we created, with tailored upholstery, library-style bookshelves dressed with leather bond books, and large coffee tables suited for small group meetings. The cafe and coffee bar provides bistro-style seating, where employees can relax or post up to work; each space was created with both work and play in mind. The Indeed office is a respite from New York’s mayhem—full of local artwork, thoughtful furniture selections, and all the comforts of an ideal workspace.

We love the vintage furniture styles, retro fixtures, and black accents. With this project, we drew upon the frenetic energy of New York City and created a lush workspace which embodies both the site’s history and sophisticated, vintage design elements—all within a distinctly modern environment.



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