I was immediately inspired when I saw the space that had been chosen for Indeed’s sales office in Austin. The angles of the exposed metal rafters, along with the 360 degree views of downtown, were amazing. There was even a straight shot of the capitol building’s dome from the large conference room.

Our goal was to capture the energy and creativity of Austin while respecting the building’s architecture, honoring our conservative budget, and providing an inspiring and functional office space.

Instead of the typical wall mounted sign that you see in most corporate reception areas, we opted for a collection of letter cocktail tables that spell out “Indeed.” The two slipper lounge chairs repeat the lines of the ceiling while the sofa grounds the rather large reception area.

The black and white color scheme made it easy to create themes for each office, much like we did for Foursquare’s Soho office, but on a less exaggerated level. We created a subtle change in feeling from one conference room to the next by accenting one wall with a bold patterned wall covering. I especially love how the industrial quality of the lightbulb wallpaper in the large conference room ties in with the room’s exposed duct work. We chose a pattern of arrows for the open lounge space to balance the scale of the room and give it a fun and casual feeling.

As for space planning, we decided to go with a central office lounge area that connects with the open office with rows of desks on either side. In order to really delineate the area, we played with scale of furniture, dropped pendants, and used various types of seating and lighting to get that feeling of comfort at work.

Personal touches are a huge component in any space. We have our own Designer Fluff pillows in Indeed’s company colors, blue and yellow, as well as bold black and white pillows circulated around the seating areas. Various fun accessories like the gold pig, succulent plants (and even an employee’s guitar and drum symbol!) add warmth and a touch of Austin.

Function is always number one when designing any space. With that in mind, we chose Turnstone products like the small conference room desks that are designed with a trough for wire management. We also chose modular seating that could be easily moved and feature adjustable height buoys that tilt for easier conversation.

The resulting office embodies what we see as our specialty—bringing the comforts of residential design to commercial applications, creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We are honored to have created an inspiring work space for another amazing company.



Austin, Texas


■ August, 2014

■ 5,600

■ Office

■ Site Analysis
■ Interior Design
■ Procurement

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