As a startup accelerator, Coplex offers its clients a platform to start high-growth tech companies. Their vibrant business was newly positioned within a modern, industrial space within the Galvanize building, in downtown Phoenix. An urban loft vibe, along with elements from Coplex’s brand coloration and graphics, were the springboard for a primarily neutral palette, accented with their lively brand colors: purple and teal.

Incorporating and blending soft materials and textures within the camel, black, grey palette softened and accented what could have been a sterile environment and, as importantly, dampened the acoustics. Minimal use of pattern was intentional as our focus was on the palm leaf, a symbol used in Coplex’s brand imagery; it also offered an opportunity for a terrarium -style art installation for the large focal wall in the main lounge. The main lounge, furnished with extra long charcoal velvet sofas and versatile seating, offers its users a variety of options along with other multifunctional lounge spaces to work, collaborate, and gather after hours. In juxtaposition to the large conference entry and lounge, the small conference rooms offer a more casual environment in a more intimate scale. The importance of storage within a building that originally provided none challenged the design plan to offer highly practical pieces that supported their functional needs, while keeping a minimalistic esthetic.

Simply put, the entire space became a cohesive, sophisticated environment that further elevates the brand, employee and client experience.

Trisha Gardner


Downtown Phoenix


■ August, 2018

■ 4,000

■ Office

■ Site Analysis
■ Interior Design
■ Procurement

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