The Green Woodpecker is a taproom inspired by German beer halls that is located at Park Central in Midtown Phoenix. Oxblood burgundy paint covers the walls and ceiling, and a combo of green tiles and concrete countertops form the bar area. The space comprises a unique combination of traditional and contemporary elements.

Upon entering The Green Woodpecker, guests are greeted by rows of pendant lights inspired by the beloved television show, Loki. Drawing inspiration from the show’s ’50s aesthetic, the eye-catching installation immediately captures attention and sets the tone for a good time.

Green Woodpecker’s bar design features a thoughtful layout that caters to both small and large groups, with a spacious patio seating area that offers various cozy spots for intimate gatherings or for larger parties. The combination of versatile seating arrangements and lush greenery creates a harmonious outdoor oasis, perfect for enjoying a cold beer paired with some yummy tacos on warm summer evenings.



Sophia Pappas
Senior Designer

Bar Interior Design

for Green Woodpecker

Phoenix, AZ

■ October, 2022

■ Hospitality

■ Full Finish Design and Furniture

What we consider when designing a bar’s interior layout.


Crafting the Perfect Bar Layout: A Combination of Functionality and Ambience

Designing the perfect layout for a bar involves a thoughtful consideration of its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and an understanding of both customer behavior and employee workflow. The layout of a bar is a critical aspect that drives customer and staff satisfaction, encouraging repeat visits and ensuring employee retention.

Utilizing space efficiently is a key factor in any interior design, but this is all the more true in a bar setting, where people are in nearly constant motion. Striking the right balance is crucial—too much open space can make the bar seem lifeless and empty, while too little space can create a congested environment where patrons and staff alike are unable to move about comfortably. This balance requires the careful planning of seating arrangements and flow of movement, where clear paths must be designated for customers to access restrooms, exits, and, of course, the bar itself. In this same vein, staff members need easy pathways to the kitchen, storage areas, and supply rooms, allowing them to provide smooth and seamless service.

Setting the Right Atmosphere: Decor, Lighting, and Acoustics

The aesthetic appeal of a bar is as significant as its layout. The chosen decor sets the stage, embodying the essence of your establishment. As with any business, appealing to a specific group of customers is critical, and maintaining a consistent look and feel is key to attracting and retaining your target demographic. The lighting and acoustics play a substantial role in creating this environment. The right type and intensity of lighting create the desired ambiance—soft, warm lighting for a relaxed environment, and brighter, colder lighting for a more contemporary setting. Meanwhile, well-planned acoustics ensure that the volume and type of music blend perfectly with the chatter of your customers, preventing either extreme of excessive noise or a sound-deadening bar ambience.

Prioritizing Safety and Cleanliness in Your Bar Design

Incorporating practical and safety features in the layout design is equally important. Storage areas need to be spacious and conveniently located for easy restocking of glasses, utensils, and drinks. Technology plays a vital role too. Strategic placement of point-of-sale systems, TVs, music systems, and charging ports enhances functionality, without disrupting the aesthetic flow.

The nature of the bar business dictates that cleanliness can never be overlooked. Ensuring that the bar’s design facilitates easy cleaning is of paramount importance; this can be achieved by choosing stain-resistant and easy-to-clean materials, and by making all spaces easily accessible for cleaning.

Crafting a Total Experience with Our Expert Design Guidance

While the elements above provide a solid foundation for any bar’s design, your space is undoubtedly unique. Engaging with experienced designers like our staff at EdgeQuarters will allow you to tailor the layout and design to your specific needs, customers, and context. After all, the goal is to create a bar that isn’t just a venue, but an experience.

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