Where will you have your first post-pandemic group celebration?

We are all yearning to be back in beautiful, vibrant places—places where the atmosphere is created just for us, the customers. Any part of those experiences that we took for granted, we will now cherish in a whole new way. We look to restaurants, hotels, offices, stores, museums, etc. to inspire us and give us energy.

Let’s talk about how we can move forward to create commercial spaces that are designed purposefully to function and to inspire. We can build comfortable atmospheres for ourselves and our guests, environments that reflect who we are and show others that we care for them and want them to leave with fond memories and thoughts of returning soon.

Karen, Heather, and I would like to give you some ideas about how to rethink your commercial space to make everyone’s return impactful.

Empowered Space: The purpose—how will people use the space and what do your employees need?

With so many people working from home over the last year, COVID-19 has become a catalyst for change. Many organizations are looking at implementing hybrid work environments and are taking this time to re-evaluate their workspaces. While many employees feel productive at home, it is important to understand the difference between individual productivity and an organization’s productivity as well as the unique challenges that come into play with hybrid work. Engaging employees and gathering feedback throughout this process will not only empower leadership with information, it will lay the groundwork for communication while these changes are being implemented. Creating leadership alignment and a cohesive vision is an important first step in developing a workspace that really works.

Evolve Ventures: The location—finding the right fit for your needs.

Once the vision is in place, we turn our attention to finding a space where we can bring that vision to life. Whether it’s building new, renovating an older building, or repurposing an alternate use, there are many opportunities to consider. Among the many learnings brought about by the pandemic, we are finding that people are now more interested in finding spaces close to home with nearby amenities and beautiful, functional open-air space. They also have a laser focus on creating both a functional and healthy environment, where employees and guests alike can have the ability to interact at the optimal level without sacrificing safety or productivity. Given the myriad details involved in creating your space, having the right team in place is critical. Working with an experienced team bringing together the right mix of well-connected and high-energy design, construction, and project management expertise can save you time to focus on running your business and save you money in the process.

EdgeQuarters: The design—what will people learn about your company as they walk through the door?

Part of the fun of visiting any space is learning something about the business and the people within it by observing what you see around you. It sounds simple, but we should aspire to create spaces that tell stories. For example, every hotel room has a bed and a bathroom, but what sets your favorite hotels apart? Many in our industry have spent years copying and pasting design with expediency and low cost being the main goals. Let’s take this chance to realize how important differentiation is to all of us. Make a statement to your employees and your guests, and be remembered for it.

I think we are seeing another shift in our thoughts on commercial furniture. It is important to be thoughtful in the pieces that we select. Not long ago, people valued well-built, well-designed, substantial furniture that would last for years. Then things changed and quality became disposable if the cost was low enough and people liked “the look.” Choosing sustainable furniture, especially when buying large volumes, is important. Supporting companies that take great pride in the design and quality of their furniture is important. And then, add a side table, a lamp, or even a sofa or two that are trendy, fun, and of the moment. Combine vendors, price points, and styles to create your own masterpiece.

Let’s make patience and purpose two of the great takeaways from the past year. No matter what stage of the process you are in, we are happy to help. Please contact any of us for a free consultation to discuss what kind of spaces we can create together!


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