Sophia Papas of EdgeQuarters

A list of four local Phoenix spots that inspire me…

by Sophia Papas on LinkedIn


LUX is a bustling and lively spot, despite its somewhat chaotic and cramped interior. But what it lacks in space, it makes up for with great coffee and pastries. Whether you’re there to work or socialize, you’re sure to encounter a diverse mix of people. The perfect spot for some focused work with the occasional break for people-watching.

Central Records is a new and nostalgic hangout that brings back memories of studying in Flagstaff at my cozy wine loft. But with a more lively atmosphere and great music, it’s the perfect mix of work and play. With people constantly coming and going, it’s a fun spot to be in.

Restaurant Progress is a spot that holds a special place in my heart. The dreamy interior is perfect for a romantic date or a cocktail at the bar.

Belhaus/Aftermarket is a warehouse-style space with an eclectic mix of local art, coffee, and other odds and ends. While it may seem random at times, with soccer somehow mixed in and merchandise for sale, they seem to have a finger on the pulse of downtown Phoenix.

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